Lt Gen Sajjad Akram HI(M) (R)

Despite the growth in number of medical colleges in Pakistan, the number of available seats for aspiring students remains woefully short of requirements. Moreover, certain regions do not have enough quality medical institutions to serve the populace. One of them is the Faisalabad region. Faisalabad is the third biggest city of Pakistan and is a significant contributor to the national economy by virtue of its manufacturing sector. But unfortunately the region has remained underserved as far as education, particularly medical education, of high standard and quality is concerned.

It was in this context that the idea of ABWA Knowledge Village was conceived. The project, which follows an integrated education complex approach, has been planned and designed with passion and care to provide quality education and healthcare to the people of the region and beyond. This pioneering project comprises the ABWA Medical College, ABWA Hospital and Research Centre, ABWA Diagnostic Centre, ABWA Pharmacy, ABWA University and ABWA School System.


The ABWA Medical College has been designed and equipped on most modern lines and has a faculty of highly educated and experienced specialists in all disciplines of medicine. The College meets all national and international standards and would have academic collaboration with leading international colleges and research institutions.

Keeping in line with emerging modern concepts, the teaching methodologies would be interdisciplinary, integrating theoretical aspects with real life applications, while sharing the best practices of leading institutions in the field.

The excellent facilities on campus, both for curricular and extracurricular activities provide a congenial learning environment where students can optimize their abilities and become leading professionals, ready to meet all challenges of the 21st century.

The ABWA Hospital and Research Centre, served by highly qualified and competent doctors and equipped with the latest and sophisticated medical equipment, would act as a teaching hospital in addition to providing healthcare services of international standards. The fact that the hospital is located within the ABWA Knowledge Village Complex is a big advantage for the students.

One of the major considerations before the management of the ABWA Medical College is comfort and well-being of all the students. To this end the College has provided for comfortable separate hostel accommodation for male and female students, facilities for indoor games and entertainment and playing fields for outdoor and healthy activities. Academic and Career Counseling and assistance in getting job placements for graduate students is also a priority for the College for which a well-staffed office has been set up.

I am confident that the students joining the ABWA Medical College would have a great experience at the College and would leave having achieved academic excellence and equipped with life skills to face the world with confidence to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people while contributing to the advancement of medical science and research.

May Allah (SWT) be our Guide and Protector always. Ameen.